Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Two Days To Go!!!!

Oh my life! This is just such an exciting week. First up, the official release date for 'Summer Loving' is now only TWO days away (squeeeeee!) although it is already available in WH Smith Travel outlets (see the pic!)and I know (because I've ordered it, sad thing that I am!) that Amazon have begun shipping today. I know I'm the author, but it really is a book that I am very, very proud to have written and the feedback so far from the few people I know who have received advance copies has been more than generous - 'laugh out loud' and 'tear-jerking' amongst them. So whether you like to sniff into your Kleenex or have a giggle, this book has all bases covered. If you haven't already ordered a copy, click here to do so from Amazon.

Also, there is now under a week to go till the start of the Make for Macmillan Book Week. A pile of wonderful authors, including Katie Fforde, Freya North, Rowan Coleman, Adele Parks, Jenny Colgan, Lucie Hart and many more have all donated books which will be signed with the winning bidder's inscription of choice. This is an AMAZING opportunity to grab a book by your fave author or maybe buy an extra special present for a friend or relative and, as the saying goes, you can't get this in any shop! So, totally exclusive and with all proceeds (the authors are even paying the postage themselves) going to Macmillan, get your cheque books out and prepare to start bidding. It's going to be HUGE.

To see a list of the books available click here

For the site on which the auction will take place - starting NEXT MONDAY - click here

Friday, 13 May 2011

Women Aloud: Audiobook Collection of Short Stories

With just under two weeks to go until the official release of ‘Summer Loving’, here is some more awesome book news. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a short story to an audiobook anthology which will be sold to raise funds for the Helena Kennedy Foundation. The Foundation provides support, mentoring and bursaries to enable disadvantaged students to continue their studies and therefore gain employment. It helps people who are economically and socially disadvantaged as well as those with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

I am personally a huge fan of Helena Kennedy’s – she was one of the women who inspired me to read for the Bar and she has, in my opinion, used her position to campaign hard for social justice in a number of fields.

The contributors to the book – as well as yours truly – are Trisha Ashley, Judy Astley, Elizabeth Chadwick, Rowan Coleman, Katie Fforde, Milly Johnson, Catherine King, Sophie King, Carole Matthews and Sue Moorcroft, and it will be available as a download or a CD from late September.

To pre-order your CD please e-mail: womenaloud@shortstoryweek.org.uk

It’s gonna be fabulous!

For more information on Women Aloud click here.

For more information on the Helena Kennedy Foundation click here.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

International Chick Lit Month

It is now just over three weeks to go until the official publication of 'Summer Loving' - squee! I'm feeling very excited and also just a teensy bit nervous as well (as I always do at this point!). 'Summer Loving' is the story of four girls who go on holiday to a Greek island, intending to have the most party-tastic two weeks of their lives...and let's just say it doesn't quite work out like that!
If you would like to pre-order a copy of 'Summer Loving' from Amazon (and I really hope you do!), click here.

Fittingly perhaps, May is also International Chick Lit Month. Hurrah! I am (as you might imagine) a huge fan of chick lit so a whole month celebrating the feisty heroines and witty writing that makes it (in my modest opinion) one of the freshest-feeling, most vibrant genres around, sounds like a fabulous idea. I was asked by Steph of Chick Lit Club to blog on the subject and my post - why chick lit has all the best heroines - can be read by clicking here.

Keep up to date with International Chick Lit Month throughout May 2011 via Chick Lit Club, Novelicious and Chick Lit Is Not Dead.

Happy reading!