Monday, 1 October 2007

This is Chapter One of my second book, the one that did well in the RNA New Writers' Scheme. I got the idea for the relationship between my heroine Lucy and my hero Mark whilst waiting outside court during my old life as a lawyer. This was a few years ago when the main London divorce court (the District Registry) wasn't in the plush building up on High Holborn that it now occupies but in rather cramped quarters deep within Somerset House. The corridors were narrow, there were never enough chairs for everyone to sit on and you were cheek by jowl with everyone else waiting to go in - not a good situation for a client to be in as it shoved them into unwanted proximity with their ex. Anyway, me, client, other side, and half the lawyers in London were squashed into the end of a corridor which was acting as a waiting room when the case before us finished. The court door opened and the poor people inside had to jostle their way out past the waiting masses. I suddenly had this idea about how awful it would be for that door to open and for your other half to appear in the doorway when unbeknownst to you, they had some divorce-come-relationship-type drama going on that they hadn't told you about. Then I thought, actually, it would be ten times worse if your other half turned out to be your client, and you had no idea they had ongoing legal business before they turned up at court expecting you to represent them. Unlikely, perhaps, but certainly not impossible.

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