Friday, 19 February 2010

Twenties Girl

I've not done a proper book review on the blog before but now is the time! I was given 'Twenties Girl' for Valentine's Day and began reading it about ten minutes after the wrapper (or, because this is my husband we're talking about, the Waterstone's carrier bag) came off - and I had a hard job putting it down again. For those who are unaware of Sophie Kinsella's latest offering, the novel concerns a girl, Lara, who is attending the funeral of her great-aunt, a seriously elderly lady who died alone and unloved in a nursing home - only to find herself accosted by the twenty-three year old ghost of that same relative. No one can see or hear Great Aunt Sadie apart from Lara (although Sadie does have certain powers of persuasion and influence over the unsuspecting living!)and together they embark on a quest to find Sadie's missing necklace; a quest that turns Lara's world completely upside down.
The book romps along with more twists and turns than roller coaster ride, accompanied by Kinsella's brilliantly witty prose. However, as well as some really funny moments, it also had a depth and poignancy that moved me - hard-baked old cynic that I am - in a way that none of her previous books have ever managed to do. It was as if her already superb writing had been shifted up onto another level. Of all her books, I think this has got to rate as my favourite and one I shall definitely be re-reading before too long. If you haven't read it then - BUY IT NOW! Or you'll be missing a real treat.


Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Agreed, this was a fantastic read! I really enjoyed it too, which is not surprising since Sophie Kinsella is probably my favourite author, the only one who has never ever disappointed me and I've read all her books! Can't wait for Mini Shopaholic!!!

Allie said...

I was amazed to find I'd somehow missed Shopaholic and Baby so will nowbe buying it! I stockpiled Sophie Kinsella books to get me over the baby blues after Number Two child was born - and it worked a treat!

Lizzie L said...

Hi Allie. Still playing catchup from my week away and just spotted this on your blog. I'm 3/4 of the way through this novel and really enjoying it. I'd almost given up on Sophie Kinsella after Shopaholic and Baby and Remember Me --- after being a great fan. I thought that 'Can You Keep a Secret' is one of the funniest novels I've ever read! Now I'm reading TG and loving it. Isn't the 'ghost' really believable; more like a girlfriend than an ancient great-aunt? I also can't guess what's going to happen next (which I love in a novel). The other great thing is, as I'm reading it I'm learning a bit more about writing construction. I hope SK continues in this vein and I can't wait to finish it. Altho', now I'm not on holiday, finding the time to read is a bit more difficult.LOL Lizzie