Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Make for Macmillan

This is soooooo exciting! It's the end of March and that means...less than two months to go before the launch of Summer Loving, my new book and - even though I say it myself - a sizzler of a summer novel!

However, BEFORE that happens, the most brilliant book event is due to take place at the end of April and I am chuffed to be a part of it.

Clare and Shelley, the totally brilliant brains behind the 'Make for Macmillan' campaign, will be holding a week of live book auctions - the chance to buy books by your fave authors AND raise some cash for an extremely worthy cause. Watch out for more info here as we get closer, but as you can see from their Facebook page, the line up so far is beyond impressive. Do visit the Make for Macmillan pages to check it out - and bid on the gorgeous, gorgeous handmade items they are auctioning RIGHT NOW.

Go and check it now - click here and start thinking about which ones you are going to bid for!!!


Clare @Makeformacmillan said...

oooo allie im soo excited! and even better all the books are SIGNED!

Shelley said...

Wow a mention on a fellow blog!!! We are so chuffed that so many lovely authors have donated books and like Clare says all of them are Signed!!!!!!!!!

Beverley said...

Awesome to get a mention on a blog! Book week is going to be a great week for Make for Macmillan, to have the chance to bed on a signed book whilst making money for the amazing Macmillan is pretty much a one off chance! Thanks for the mention :)
Fab blog :) x