Wednesday, 31 March 2010

One Day To Go!!!

'The Not-So Secret Diary of a City Girl' is officially released tomorrow and I am very, very excited. Although, it feels a bit weird because Amazon and have been shipping the pre-orders for well over a week now - this does mean, though, that I've had some lovely feedback from people who pre-ordered which is calming my jittery nerves a bit!

I've palnned a party to celebrate City Girl's release and have been cleaning manically (including the front of the cooker which I cleaned so thoroughly I managed to remove all the numbers on the temperature dial - arrggh!) and then, just after I'd put in an online supermarket order for frozen party food, wine and fizz - the fridge freezer packed up: everything in the freezer section defrosted; everything in the fridge section froze. Double arrgghhhh! However, through a combination of sheer determination and a lot of good luck, a new ff has just been delivered from John Lewis (a mere 14 hours after we realised the last one had died) so hopefully the show - and the party - can go on! I'll keep you posted but I just need a little lie down in a darkened room so my stress levels can subside! xx

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Susan Rix said...

That's one of the reasons I LOVE John Lewis :). Hope you have a FAB party!