Friday, 2 April 2010

We Have Lift-Off

So yesterday was the release of 'City Girl'. To kick start the proceedings came a lovely review of the book on the Novelicious site, giving it a stonking 9/10 (thank you Debs!) . Then, after an morning of manic cleaning, and an afternoon of general (but still manic) busy-ness, the official launch party got underway. My evil hand - really sore the night before after an unspecified cleaning injury(!) was less evil than it had been and I could happily hold a pen and sign a few copies of the new book. It was, essentially, planned as an evening of chilling, chatting and champers and a chance for me to say a heart-felt 'thank you' to all my friends who have given so much support in one way or another to me and my writing - I simply couldn't have done it without their back-up, encouragement, emergency childcare and general good-heartedness. Thank you! We even raised a bit of cash for the local pre-school whilst we were at it. It was a lovely night and I had one of those evenings where I never had an empty glass but, bizarrely, never felt in the least bit tipsy. I want to know how this happened - and how I can make it happen again in future!! Thanks again guys, you are the best. xx


Dulcinea Norton-Smith said...

So glad you had a lovely night and - wow - all that hard work is now a lovely, completed, no more editing ever again,vision in pink!


Nell Dixon said...

Congratulations, sounds like a fab night!

Allie said...

Thank you girls! However, Dulcinea, I have to confess I am terrible and still edit the books in my head, even though they are in printed, on-sale versions! Luckily for 'City Girl' and 'Tug of Love' they are minor tweaks - hmmm, control freak or perfectionist? ;)

Dulcinea Norton-Smith said...

Haha! Well try to stop yourself short of visiting bookshops with a pen and hovering suspiciously around your books.